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Bicentenary Kingdom Netherlands


Bicentenary Kingdom Netherlands celebrated by sounding gong

Ank Bijleveld-Schouten, chairperson of the National Committee for the Bicentenary of the Kingdom of the Netherlands sounds the gong at the Amsterdam exchange to open trading.

Mrs. Bijleveld-Schouten is invited to perform this act in relation to next days ending of the festivities of the 2-year celebration of the Bicentenary. On Saturday September 26th the Royal Carré theatre will host a gathering that marks the official closing of the celebrations, while later that evening the Skinny Bridge on the Amstel river will be the stage of a spectacular musical and theatrical show that will end the festivities. The event on the 26th of September is the grand finale of the celebration of the bicentenary of the Kingdom of The Netherlands. It’s the last of six events which are organized between November 2013 and September 2015 by the National Committee.

In addition to Mrs. Bijleveld-Schouten, two members of the National Committee will be present during the ceremony: former CEO of Shell Netherlands, Mr. Rein Willems and Bercan Günel, managing partner of Women Capital.

The celebrations of the Bicentenary which have been organized throughout the Kingdom of the Netherlands wouldn’t have been possible without the cooperation of many sponsors, including several companies that are listed on the Amsterdam exchange. To underline this close cooperation, the ceremony of the ringing of the gong will be attended by delegates of Philips, Heineken, AkzoNobel and Shell.

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