A new kind of exchange business

Euronext is the first pan-European exchange, spanning Belgium, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Portugal and the UK. Our unique model unites marketplaces that date back as far as the start of the 17th century, and is designed to incorporate the individual strengths and assets of each market, combining heritage and forward-looking modernity.

We operate four national regulated securities and derivatives markets in Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon and Paris, a regulated securities market in Ireland and the UK-based regulated securities market, Euronext London.

We provide listing and trading on our regulated markets, facilitating the exchange of capital, risk and goods by organising supply and demand to meet the needs of our customers and users. The breadth of these markets offers opportunities for innovation that meets changing industry needs, solves problems, fuels new business activity and finances economic growth. Our comprehensive portfolio of products, facilities and platforms covers the full range of market services, including the provision of market information, the development and operation of IT systems, and facilitating access to settlement and clearing facilities. We pride ourselves on our cross-border teams and deep inside knowledge of local marketplaces and European financial markets, reinforced by a harmonised set of market rules and integrated technology.

With this foundation Euronext remains at the heart of Europe’s financial markets – secure in its past and confident in its future.

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