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Erasmus MC Thorax Foundation


20190927 Erasmus MC Thorax Foundation

Dr. Annemien van den Bosch, cardiologist and chairman of the Erasmus MC Thorax Foundation, opened the stock exchange to draw more attention for scientific research into cardiovascular diseases in Erasmus Medical Center.

About World Heart Day

World Heart Day is on September 29. On this day, attention is paid worldwide to how we can keep the most important organ of our body healthy and thus prevent cardiovascular disease. In the Netherlands alone, we already have 1.4 million patients and more than 100 people die every day from cardiovascular disease. Therefore research is desperately needed.

About Erasmus MC Thorax Center

Erasmus MC Thorax Center is a center of excellence for cardiology, cardiothoracic surgery and lung diseases. In terms of patient care, top clinical research and education the center belongs to the top of the world for more than 50 years already. Pioneering treatment methods and techniques have been developed or introduced here, such as the first heart transplants, the first heart valve through the groin, ultrasound research, the soluble stents, the stents that dispense medication and the 4D-scan of the heart.

By raising funds, the Erasmus MC Thorax Foundation provides a powerful boost to innovative research at the Thorax Center, often in collaboration with other parties at home and abroad. Our goal is to accelerate scientific research to save even more lives and prevent unnecessary suffering.

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