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Become Euronext Securities Oslo registered

It is easy to register your security in Euronext Securities Oslo wich will provide benefits to both your company and its shareholders

By registering your security with us, the company and its shareholders gain access to a wide range of value-adding services, such as automatic services that simplify all practical tasks in connection with tax reporting, digital general meetings, processing of dividend payments and communication with the shareholders.

To register your company with us, it is required that the company uses an “account operator” (bank or brokerage firm). This registrar acts as the link between your company and Euronext Securities Oslo and ensures that all necessary activities are carried out.

Find your Account Operator

Three easy steps to Euronext VPS registration

Registering your company in Euronext Securities Oslo is easy and provides benefits to both the company and its shareholders

ES-CPH register-step1

Account Operator will assist you from A to Z with registration in Euronext Securities Oslo, and ensure all necessary information and activities

ES-CPH register-step2

The company's articles of association must specify that the company's shares must be entered in a securities register

ES-CPH register-step3

Updated information (articles of association, etc.) must be sent to the Brønnøysund Register, in order to be updated

Benefits for the issuer

  • Access to VPS Issuer Services
    The company gets access to the company portal «Euronext VPS Issuer Services» which contains several useful services. The portal is designed to meet the needs of the administrative, legal, and investor relations departments of companies.
  • Updated shareholder overview
    The company has access to a continuously updated overview of shareholders and transactions. The overview also includes an overview of historical shareholders and transactions.
  • Digitized investor communication
    Possibility of sending electronic reports such as financial reports, press releases or other market information on tax value, holdings and returns.
  • Digital general meetings
    Conducting a general meeting in a simple, resource-saving and professional way using VPS General Meeting.
  • Easy implementation of dividends, issues, etc.
    Euronext Securities Oslo can calculate and distribute dividends. Efficient services for raising new capital and other corporate events.
  • Automatic tax reporting
    Euronext Securities Oslo performs all reporting to the Norwegian Tax Administration’s Shareholder Register. Euronext Securities Oslo sends an annual statement to the company’s shareholders with information.

Benefits for the shareholders

  • Access to VPS Investor Services
    A comprehensive portal with BankID login.
  • Guaranteed ownership of shares
    Legal protection guarantee on shares.
  • Safe systems for buying and selling shares
    Both listed and unlisted shares.
  • Total overview of shares and transactions
    Overall overview of shareholdings and transactions.
  • Digital participation in issues, etc.
    Opportunity to easily subscribe for new shares in issues and resale.
  • Digital general meeting processes
    Online registration for general meeting.
  • Possibility of pledging shares
    Opportunity to use the shares as collateral.
  • Automatic tax reporting
    Provides automatic updated tax returns.
  • Automatic information
    Delivers investor announcements (change announcements, annual statements) directly to the investor in the portal or by mail.

Fee example 1

  • Number of Shareholders: 1 – 10
  • Company share capital (in MNOK): 1 – 5
  • Number of transactions (monthly): 0 – 10
  • Tax Reporting: 0 – 100 shareholders
  • Monthly fee (in NOK): 520 – 580*

*The fee depends on the number of shareholders, share capital, transactions and account operator’s mark-ups

Fee example 2

  • Number of Shareholders: 25 – 100
  • Company share capital (in MNOK): 10 – 25
  • Number of transactions (monthly): 101 – 250
  • Tax reporting: 0 – 100 Shareholders
  • Monthly fee (in NOK): 710 – 1 000*

*The fee depends on the number of shareholders, share capital, transactions and account operator’s mark-ups


Nicholas A. Schulz headshot

Nicholas A. Schulz

Head of Equity Services, Euronext Securities Oslo