Structured Notes

Issuers and investors have the choice of three market models for trading Structured Notes on Euronext.

Three market models

Continuous Trading: Hybrid market model

  • Also known as Request For Execution (RFE) market model

  • Requests For Execution (RFE) are sent to liquidity providers. LPs can update trading thresholds and quotes if need be, ensuring executions at most up-to-date prices

Continuous Trading: Order Driven market model

  • Trading takes place in a Single Order Book common to Euronext Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris

  • Investors, market makers and liquidity providers can send market, limit and stop-loss orders

Auction Trading: Single or double daily auctions

  • For Structured Notes not requiring continuous trading

  • Trading takes place once or twice a day resulting from a single or double auction

List of Structured Notes