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Registration and Administration

Easy administration of all aspects related to managing your securities and shareholders

Our registration and administration services provides Account Operators with administrative tools to register and maintain all aspects related to managing securities in the Euronext Securities Oslo-register.

By registering your company’s securities with Euronext Securities Oslo, the interest of both your shareholders and the company (“issuer”) is protected and provided access to a wide range of products and services that addresses your needs related to the administration of your securities and shareholders.

Euronext Securities Oslo offer its issuance services through a network of Account Operators. In order to issue shares and/or equity certificates in Euronext Securities Oslo you need to contact one of our affiliated Account Operators. Read more about how to register your company in Euronext Securities Oslo, or how to become and Account Operator (if you are a financial institution).

Become Euronext Securities Oslo registered


Large Companies


Companies that are planning an IPO or having challenges executing all their obligations towards their investors (i.e dividend payments and other corporate actions) should look to a CSD registration.


SME Companies


Have your company grown to the point where you need to attract new investors in order to grow even further? Are there too many investors to handle? Have the tax reporting become a nuisance? We can make this easy and time efficient for you.


International Companies


Foreign companies often has the desire or the necessity to attract new investors in the Norwegian market. Euronext Securities Oslo can help make the transition into a new market efficient and smooth.


Nicholas A. Schulz headshot

Nicholas A. Schulz

Head of Equity Services, Euronext Securities Oslo