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“Big Data” is a term that many of us have become familiar with in recent years. It refers to the massive amounts of data that can be analysed in order to reveal patterns, trends and associations in human behaviour and interactions. We all use big data to gain a deeper understanding of customer and business partner behaviour, habits and preferences. 

Nearly every industry, including the financial industry, has to report significant amounts of transaction-related data to authorities in the Nordic region and the EU. To generate these reports, businesses need prompt access to reliable data.

Euronext Securities can provide financial institutions with access to reliable data about their operations and the market. We offer a wide range of data products that can support compliance and regulatory requirements, as well as ensuring adaptation to changing market conditions and staying ahead of the curve.

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Overview of Data Services - Euronext Securities Copenhagen & Oslo


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Learn more here on how you can take advantage of our data:

Identify your segments

A daily delivery of circulating amounts of holding, including subscriptions, redemptions and general ledger quantity. As depositary services are required to monitor and control subscriptions and redemptions, this automated report is designed to replace the manual compiling of information, by enabling faster and more effective control functions.

A daily delivery of holding data per instrument, account controller and anonymised end investor. The data aims to display the investor base to help determine the level of investor concentration, as this is a basis for evaluating the redemption risk. The reports help fund administrators in the reconciliation process as the daily files can be compared to the holding quantity and nominal value data recorded in the funds’ systems.

A monthly delivery of investor statistics including investor demographics and geography, along with number of trades, holding quantity and market value. Euronext Securities currently offer three different types of report aiming to show which instrument types (bonds, shares, and investment fund certificates) are most popular amongst investors of a particular age group, gender, geographical area and investor type. You can find a snapshot of the products here:

  1. The Indicator report
  2. Market outlook
  3. Investor ad hoc statistics.
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Investor Insight


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High-level and detailed settlement statistics at client and market level. The data aims to provide insights on customers’ settlement efficiency and to benchmark performance against the market. The data can be displayed at different level of granularity, as deliveries on instructions and settlements are both possible.

A fully digital registration process for pre-approval of trades, and automated monitoring and notification of trade violations. The solution is linked to the individual trader’s account in Euronext Securities, and it also links directly to the Danish Business Authority (Erhvervsstyrelsen) to retrieve information about listed companies. This product helps financial institutions to comply with internal and external regulations regarding employee trading.

More TradeLog

This report consists of holding data that investment funds use as a basis to calculate the distribution fees that are paid to distributors. The aggregate inventory statement, which includes end-of-month holdings for specific custody accounts, is designed to optimise processes and save time when calculating rebate fees.

Want to know more about our data strategy?

Throughout 2020, we worked to migrate our data foundation from a SAS database to a Microsoft Business Data Warehouse. The migration provides us with a cutting-edge platform that is used to guarantee a consistent set of figures across the organisation. Specifically, we plan to leverage the new business intelligence system to create customised reporting for customers, but also to deliver data to other departments, to ensure data-driven processes and to comply with regulatory requirements.

Having established our data services in 2020, Our strategy going forward is to strengthen and expand the data business. We plan to reinforce our data warehouse, by enriching it with additional data points and investing in its stability. Our goal is also to scale up our commercial focus, by expanding our current data offering to a larger sample of customers and by creating new products tackling unmet needs. Our long-term ambition for Data Analytics is to grow into a Nordic analytics team in collaboration with Euronext Securities, as we broaden the horizon to new data products by investigating cross-border initiatives with Euronext.

Financial institutions typically only have their own picture of which industries and sectors interest private investors. At VP, however, we have a more complete overview of the Danish market distribution across a wide range of demographics, such as age and geography. This enables us to create, for example, customised benchmarks for these institutions, which might shed light on their market position and performance in relation to the overall investor landscape.

Bjørn Stendorph Crepaz, Head of Issuance Products & Data Analytics

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Bjørn Stendorph Crepaz - Euronext Securities Copenhagen

Bjørn Stendorph Crepaz

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