Manage risk and leverage profit opportunities with futures on leading European companies. Find the contract to suit your trading strategy.

Single Stock Futures

Trade Single Stock Futures at Euronext for access to direct equity investments with a much lower capital requirement.

Hedge your portfolio on a wide range of over 350 European underlyings.

Single Stock Futures in Physical Delivery

Take advantage of delivery in the local depositaries.

  • Launch of 69 Single Stock Futures in three successive batches: Friday 8 January 2021, Friday 22 January 2021 and Friday 29 January 2021.
  • Offering the most competitive pricing available in the industry from both trading and clearing fee perspectives.
  • Available CAC 40®, AEX®, DAX® and OBX® underlyings (German/Italian shares will be delivered by Euroclear France).
  • Benefit from a fair cost structure and strong margin efficiencies.

# Contract Name Contract code Underlying exchange Underlying ISIN Currency First tradable date
1 BNP Paribas - Stock Future (Physical) BN7 Euronext Paris FR0000131104 EUR 8 January 2021
2 Airbus - Stock Future (Physical) EA7 Euronext Paris NL0000235190 EUR
3 Sanofi - Stock Future (Physical) SA7 Euronext Paris FR0000120578 EUR
4 LVMH - Stock Future (Physical) MC7 Euronext Paris FR0000121014 EUR
5 Total - Stock Future (Physical) TO7 Euronext Paris FR0000120271 EUR
6 Engie - Stock Future (Physical) GA7 Euronext Paris FR0010208488 EUR
7 Orange - Stock Future (Physical) FT7 Euronext Paris FR0000133308 EUR
8 Safran - Stock Future (Physical) SM7 Euronext Paris FR0000073272 EUR
9 Danone - Stock Future (Physical) DA7 Euronext Paris FR0000120644 EUR
10 Kering - Stock Future (Physical) KR7 Euronext Paris FR0000121485 EUR
11 Vinci - Stock Future (Physical) DG7 Euronext Paris FR0000125486 EUR
12 Schneider Electric - Stock Future (Physical) SU7 Euronext Paris FR0000121972 EUR
13 Air Liquide - Stock Future (Physical) AI7 Euronext Paris FR0000120073 EUR
14 L'Oréal - Stock Future (Physical) OR7 Euronext Paris FR0000120321 EUR
15 AXA - Stock Future (Physical) CS7 Euronext Paris FR0000120628 EUR
16 Vivendi - Stock Future (Physical) EX7 Euronext Paris FR0000127771 EUR
17 Pernod-Ricard - Stock Future (Physical) RI7 Euronext Paris FR0000120693 EUR
18 EssilorLuxottica - Stock Future (Physical) EF7 Euronext Paris FR0000121667 EUR
19 Société Générale - Stock Future (Physical) GL7 Euronext Paris FR0000130809 EUR 22 January 2021
20 Hermès International - Stock Future (Physical) HI7 Euronext Paris FR0000052292 EUR
21 Dassault Systemes - Stock Future (Physical) DT7 Euronext Paris FR0000130650 EUR
22 Legrand - Stock Future (Physical) LR7 Euronext Paris FR0010307819 EUR
23 Michelin - Stock Future (Physical) ML7 Euronext Paris FR0000121261 EUR
24 Cap Gemini - Stock Future (Physical) CP7 Euronext Paris FR0000125338 EUR
25 STMicroelectronics - Stock Future (Physical) ST7 Euronext Paris NL0000226223 EUR
26 Unibail-Rodamco-W - Stock Future (Physical) UB7 Euronext Paris FR0013326246 EUR
27 Saint-Gobain - Stock Future (Physical) SG7 Euronext Paris FR0000125007 EUR
28 Veolia Environnement - Stock Future (Physical) VI7 Euronext Paris FR0000124141 EUR
29 Crédit Agricole - Stock Future (Physical) CR7 Euronext Paris FR0000045072 EUR
30 Peugeot - Stock Future (Physical) UG7 Euronext Paris FR0000121501 EUR
31 Thales - Stock Future (Physical) HO7 Euronext Paris FR0000121329 EUR
32 Carrefour - Stock Future (Physical) CA7 Euronext Paris FR0000120172 EUR
33 Sodexo - Stock Future (Physical) SW7 Euronext Paris FR0000121220 EUR
34 Publicis Groupe - Stock Future (Physical) PU7 Euronext Paris FR0000130577 EUR
35 Bouygues - Stock Future (Physical) EN7 Euronext Paris FR0000120503 EUR
36 Atos SE - Stock Future (Physical) AT7 Euronext Paris FR0000051732 EUR
37 Accor - Stock Future (Physical) AC7 Euronext Paris FR0000120404 EUR
38 TechnipFMC - Stock Future (Physical) TE7 Euronext Paris GB00BDSFG982 EUR
39 Renault - Stock Future (Physical) RN7 Euronext Paris FR0000131906 EUR
40 ArcelorMittal - Stock Future (Physical) MT7 Euronext Amsterdam LU1598757687 EUR 29 January 2021
41 Adidas - Stock Future (Physical) AD7 Euronext Amsterdam DE000A1EWWW0 EUR
42 Allianz - Stock Future (Physical) AZ7 Euronext Amsterdam DE0008404005 EUR
43 BASF - Stock Future (Physical) BF7 Euronext Amsterdam DE000BASF111 EUR
44 Bayer - Stock Future (Physical) BY7 Euronext Amsterdam DE000BAY0017 EUR
45 BMW - Stock Future (Physical) BW7 Euronext Amsterdam DE0005190003 EUR
46 Daimler - Stock Future (Physical) DM7 Euronext Amsterdam DE0007100000 EUR
47 Deutsche Bank - Stock Future (Physical) DB7 Euronext Amsterdam DE0005140008 EUR
48 Deutsche Post - Stock Future (Physical) DP7 Euronext Amsterdam DE0005552004 EUR
49 Deutsche Telekom - Stock Future (Physical) TK7 Euronext Amsterdam DE0005557508 EUR
50 E.ON - Stock Future (Physical) EO7 Euronext Amsterdam DE000ENAG999 EUR
51 Fresenius - Stock Future (Physical) FS7 Euronext Amsterdam DE0005785604 EUR
52 Munich Re - Stock Future (Physical) MR7 Euronext Amsterdam DE0008430026 EUR
53 SAP - Stock Future (Physical) AP7 Euronext Amsterdam DE0007164600 EUR
54 Siemens - Stock Future (Physical) - Subject to LCH SA approval SI7 Euronext Amsterdam DE0007236101 EUR
55 Volkswagen - Stock Future (Physical) VW7 Euronext Amsterdam DE0007664039 EUR
56 Deutsche Lufthansa - Stock Future (Physical) LU7 Euronext Amsterdam DE0008232125 EUR
57 Infineon - Stock Future (Physical) NT7 Euronext Amsterdam DE0006231004 EUR
58 K + S - Stock Future (Physical) KS7 Euronext Amsterdam DE000KSAG888 EUR
59 ProSieben - Stock Future (Physical) PS7 Euronext Amsterdam DE000PSM7770 EUR
60 RWE - Stock Future (Physical) RW7 Euronext Amsterdam DE0007037129 EUR
61 Wirecard - Stock Future (Physical) WC7 Euronext Amsterdam DE0007472060 EUR
62 ASML Holding - Stock Future (Physical) AS7 Euronext Amsterdam NL0010273215 EUR
63 Koninklijke Philips - Stock Future (Physical) PH7 Euronext Amsterdam NL0000009538 EUR
64 Ahold Delhaize - Stock Future (Physical) AH7 Euronext Amsterdam NL0011794037 EUR
65 ING Groep - Stock Future (Physical) IN7 Euronext Amsterdam NL0011821202 EUR
66 Intesa Sanpaolo - Stock Future (Physical) IO7 Borsa Italiana IT0000072618 EUR
67 Eni - Stock Future (Physical) QD7 Borsa Italiana IT0003132476 EUR
68 Enel - Stock Future (Physical) QC7 Borsa Italiana IT0003128367 EUR
69 AB InBev - Stock Future (Physical) AB7 Euronext Brussels BE0974293251 EUR

Voted Most Innovative Contract of the Year

Euronext's Single Stock Futures were voted "Most Innovative Contract of the Year" in the 2020 FOW Awards. A proud recognition of our agility and flexibility to continuously provide added-value solutions to our clients. Charlotte Alliot, Head of Institutional Derivatives at Euronext, goes over 2020's achievements and shares her unique vision for the business in this video interview with FOW.

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