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Meet our employees

Our employees are our most valuable asset

Euronext Securities Oslo is a complex company with resources within IT, business, product development as well as an active management team. No matter what area you want to work in, you will always have expertise, experience and helpful colleagues with you all the way. We asked some of our staff three questions about life in Euronext Securities Oslo. See what they said here.


Stian Paulsen - Euronext Securities Oslo


Name: Stian Bastiansen Paulsen
Position: Customer Experience Manager

Stian has worked in the company since 2014. Employed as a resource at Customer Service. In the recent years more towards products and market.

Why did you choose Euronext Securities Oslo as a place of work?
After working in several financial institutions in Norway, I have spent most of my career working towards Euronext Securities Oslo in some capacity – either through securities or payments. Regardless of my previous place of work, I have always had a very good impression of the company and its employees competence and professionalism. When an opportunity then opened, I was never in doubt. Now, over ten years later, this impression has only intensified and I look forward to continue the journey with Euronext backing us.

I am proud to work in Euronext Securities Oslo – a company that provides critical financial infrastructure to the Norwegian capital market while simplifying our clients’ operations.

What have you learned from working in Euronext Securities Oslo?
There are several aspects that make working here very exciting. First and foremost, the personal development. At Euronext VPS we provide products, services and solutions to a wide range of customers as well as different customer groups. This requires that we as employees work in many different areas to find the best solution and value propositions across our service offerings. Constantly looking for the good and important links between business and IT. As Euronext VPS now enters an exciting time from monopoly to a competitive situation, such customer focus, vigilance, efficiency and stability in operation will become more important than ever.

What is the best thing about working in Euronext Securities Oslo?
The exciting tasks are just a part of working in Euronext Securities Oslo. The social aspect and my colleagues are at least as important to my well-being. The expertise, drive and personality of my colleagues is the main reason I look forward to going to work every day. In Euronext Securities Oslo we all sit in an open office landscape. This also applies to everyone in the management team and it provides a nice interaction and short decision-making from day to day. Furthermore our employees are of all ages and in all life situations. This creates a dynamic and nice tone in the office which follows us outside the office where social activities are regularly organized.

Vilde Eiesland


Name: Vilde Eiesland
Position: Sales Manager

From 2023, she has held the position as Sales Manager with main focus on the company data product portfolio. 

Why did you choose Euronext Securities Oslo as a place of work?
Coming from the CRM industry, working with companies on collecting data for decision making, efficiency and control purposes I quickly understood that data is the most valuable asset a company holds. It gives us a better understanding of our business, the market, our competitors, our customers, efforts, and operations. Euronext Securities holds a strong position in the Norwegian financial infrastructure, and it is safe to say we generate an enormous amount of valuable and relevant data. When you put that together with great minds, talented people and a firm position in the market you also create a very exciting workplace.

I am excited to work in Euronext Securities Oslo – a company that provides data-driven insights, analytics and scalable infrastructure to the Norwegian capital market helping them unlock their full potential.

What have you learned from working in Euronext Securities Oslo?
Many things – Because Euronext Securities is a part of the Norwegian financial infrastructure, you also get a much broader perspective and understanding of the capital market. Next to that, Euronext Securities works closely with other large actors in the market, giving me the opportunity to see multiple perspectives and ways of doing business. Working with data has shown me the impact data can have when we utilize it and invest in our data. That has been very exciting to see.

What is the best thing about working in Euronext Securities Oslo?
You will never get bored at Euronext Securities! Finance and technology are changing fast, and so is Euronext. Therefore, every day you learn something new, and you get to participate in new projects, cases, and challenges together with driven and competent colleges. Working as a Sales Manager for our data products gives me various work where I learn new things every day, I meet interesting players in the market, and I get to work in a very central part of finance.

Léa Sevestre

Name: Léa Sevestre
Position: Talent Specialist

Lea has been working with Euronext Securities Oslo since 2022, as Talent Specialist.

Why did you choose Euronext Securities Oslo as a place of work?
I am working at Euronext Securities Oslo on Human Resources projects, liaising with Euronext Group Headquarters. I initially joined as part of the Euronext International Graduate Program, which encourages international mobility for young talents. Having worked previously in France and the UK, joining this program was a great opportunity to challenge myself and discover a new culture of work. Most importantly, the company and its environment are constantly transforming and evolving. Thus, it’s a great place to work on several exciting projects, in interaction with many diverse stakeholders. You will never be bored!

What have you learned from working in Euronext Securities Oslo?
The company promotes a culture of agility, innovation and dynamism. I’m always working on new topics and developing new skills. I am also surrounded everyday by inspiring colleagues who all have a different background and expertise: IT, Finance, Project Management, Compliance… I learn something new each day from these interactions.

What is the best thing about working in Euronext Securities Oslo?
There are many aspects that I like about working here ; but I specifically want to highlight the sense of community. There are many opportunities to connect with colleagues, expand your understanding of the organization, and take part in an internal or international mobility. For instance, our Nordic Women Network provides amazing opportunities for women of the Nordic entities of Euronext Group to connect, grow, and be empowered.


Siri Bjørnsen, Executive Vice President, Head of HR and staff - Euronxt Securities Oslo.jpg

Siri Bjørnsen

Executive Vice President, Head of HR and staff