MiFID II is the legislative framework instituted by the European Union to regulate financial markets. This page provides information on the implementation of MiFID II requirements.

Delayed Data Publication

Euronext is required to make delayed data available free of charge. We offer a view service as well as a file download service.

View delayed data

Download delayed data

Delayed post-trade data files are available to download in .csv format and are generated by the download service upon request. The delayed data is provided with a maximum time delay of 15 minutes after initial publication by Euronext and remains available for at least 24 hours. The timestamps display UTC time.

Data Disaggregation

Euronext is required to make pre- and post-trade disaggregated data available on request. Euronext may also offer pre- and post-trade aggregated data.

“Off-the-shelf” disaggregated market data products are also available from Euronext, pursuant to MiFID II. For more information, please see Euronext Market Data Products.

Additional Disaggregation

For requests for further disaggregation, in line with MiFID II requirements, please refer to Euronext's MiFID II data disaggregation process. To submit a request please use the MiFID II data disaggregation request form.

Natural user

Euronext is required to have arrangements in place that allow its end users to pay market data fees on a 'per user' basis.

For natural user applications, in line with MiFID II requirements, please refer to Euronext's natural user application guidelines. To submit an application please use the natural user application form.


Market Data Fees, Terms and Conditions

Euronext is required to disclose the fees and other terms and conditions in respect of our market data. We publish such information on our website where it is accessible to the public.

Other information

Euronext also discloses information on the:

  • Content of our market data
  • Market data revenues
  • Cost accounting and allocation principles.

For this information please refer to the MiFID II transparency document.


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