ISVs, ASPs, ESPs, Data Centre carriers

More about the companies that partner with Euronext to offer access to our markets

Independent Software Vendors

Euronext has developed strong partnerships with a number of accredited Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to meet the multiple needs of member firms that do not wish to develop proprietary software connections to the Euronext Markets.

Each member firm has different market access and specific tools (e.g. risk management, front-to-back) requirements. Some may develop bespoke trading and information applications, while others prefer to make use of accredited software. To find the software solution that best suits your unique business needs, please consult the Accredited List of ISVs.

The Operational Client Services desk at %6d" rel="nofollow"> or your Sales representative can support you in making the right ISV choices for your business.

  • Actant Ltd
  • Ateo Finance
  • Bloomberg Finance LP
  • BME Inntech
  • BornTec
  • Broadway Technologies
  • Celoxica Holdings PLC
  • Charm B.V.
  • Computer Voice Systems
  • CQG
  • Cunningham Trading Systems, LLC
  • Deriva B.V.
  • Elidata
  • Eventus
  • Finantech S.A.
  • FIS Global
  • Gatelab
  • GenXs BV
  • Horizon Software
  • IF Informatica Srl
  • Itiviti AB
  • Kline S.r.l.
  • List-Group S.p.A.
  • Nasdaq Trade Surveillance (SMARTS)
  • Quod Financial
  • Redline Trading Solutions
  • Sol-3 GmbH & Co KG
  • SLIB
  • Stellar Trading
  • Tick Trading Software AG
  • TietoEVRY
  • Trafix LLC
  • Trading Technologies International, Inc.
  • Exegy Inc

Become an ISV

IT providers or software development houses wishing to become accredited on the Euronext Markets as an Independent Software Vendor can contact our Operational Client Services desk at .

Application Service Providers

Application Service Providers not only provide order entry, market data as well as other services to their clients, but also supply hosted solutions to members who wish to externalise the management of their infrastructure. ASPs have direct (or indirect) connections to our Primary and Secondary Data Centres and can offer to their clients physical connectivity, mutualised access to Euronext Regulated and non-Regulated Markets. In some cases, ASPs can also offer hosting services directly in colocation in our primary data centre in Aruba IT3 in Bergamo (Italy). Members delegate their connectivity management entirely to their ASP, who will arrange their connection to the trading platform and conduct order entry sessions for both the test (EUA) and production (prod) environments.

ASPs usually hold the ISV status i.e. providing a number of applications to connect to Euronext market and / or receive market data.

  • Bloomberg Finance LP
  • BME Inntech
  • BornTec
  • CQG
  • Computer Voice Systems, Inc
  • Options Technology Ltd
  • FIS Global
  • Goldman Sachs Europe
  • Iress
  • ION Trading
  • Itiviti AB
  • Stellar Trading
  • Trading Technologies International, Inc.
  • Transaction Network Securities
  • Exegy Inc
  • Virtu Financial Ireland Ltd

Become an ASP

IT providers or software development houses interested in accreditation as an ASP must have a well-defined legal IT entity. Applications can be made by contacting the Operational Client Services Desk at

Extranet Service Providers (ESPs)

Extranet Service Providers (ESPs) are directly connected to the Euronext Network, and can offer several end customers physical mutualised access to the regulated and non-regulated Euronext Markets. Some ESPs can also provide clients with indirect hosting services in colocation.

  • Colt Technologies Services

  • Guavatech

  • Jet Networks

  • Options Technology Ltd

  • BT Radianz

  • FinansNettNorge AS (FNN)

  • Lumen Technologies

  • NEXI

  • PICO Global Services Ltd

  • Transaction Network Securities 

  • ICE Data Services

  • IPC Network Services Ltd

Data Centre Carriers

Carriers providing trading members connectivity in our primary Aruba Data Centre in Bergamo, Italy.

  • BSO
  • Cogent
  • Colt
  • EuNetworks
  • Fastweb
  • Intred
  • Irideos
  • Naquadria
  • Neutrality
  • Openfiber
  • Planetel
  • Retelit
  • Telecom Italia
  • Vodafone
  • Wind
  • Zayo


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