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AMREF Flying Doctors


ASN Bank and AMREF Flying Doctors open trading

Midwife Esther Madudu opens trading at Beursplein 5 by sounding the gong. Madudu comes from Uganda and is one of the midwives trained by AMREF Flying Doctors. In the investment campaign of ASN Bank, she stresses the importance of obstetric care in Africa.

The campaign gives investors the opportunity to contribute to the training and working conditions of midwives in Uganda and Tanzania. ASN Bank donates 5 euros to AMREF Flying Doctors for any investor deposit of € 2000 or more in the ASN Investment Funds. This donation goes towards the training of midwives. Each newly trained midwife also receives a WakaWaka solar lamp and charger. Along with WakaWaka and AMREF Flying Doctors, the bank wants to finance 25 trainings of midwives in Africa. Investors will also receive a WakaWaka solar lamp as a gift.

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