Euronext Wind and Solar World Index


The thematic Index dedicated to the Wind and Solar industry

The objective of the Euronext® Wind & Solar World Index is to help investors identify companies which are actively implicated in wind and solar energy activities that can help reduce the world’s dependence on oil and gas.

Euronext Wind & Solar World Index Methodology

The Euronext® wind & solar Index tracks companies selected based on their involvement in the following activities:

  • Solar Trackers, Inverters and Electronics
  • Solar Cells, Glass, Panels and Storage
  • Solar farm development and operation
  • Turbine/Tower manufacturing, installation, and service
  • Wind farm development and operation
  • Utilities owners and/or users of wind farms on using and/or selling wind-powered electricity

    The Euronext® Wind & Solar World Index offers opportunities for the creation of a large range of investment vehicles such as ETFs, funds and structured products.

The selection is computed using Ned Davis Research (NDR) database on wind and solar-related activity

Ned Davis Research leverage the expertise of their Thematic Strategists along with cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence/Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms to generate Thematic Opportunities Scores that capture how closely a given company aligns to the wind and solar theme.

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Wind & Solar World Index Rules   |    Wind & Solar World Index Brochure


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