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Leading index provider

Did you know Euronext has decades of experience in the index space, making us one of the leading index providers in Europe?

Over 550 indices

We have over 550 indices of all sizes and profiles, that we design calculate, and publish:

  • Five major national indices in Europe: AEX®, BEL 20®, CAC 40®, ISEQ 20® and PSI 20®
  • Proven expertise in Euronext branded customised indices: SBF® Top 80 EW, CAC® Large 60 EW, Euronext® France Germany Leaders EW, Euronext® Euro 50 ESG, Euronext® Climate Orientation Priority 50 EW, Euronext® Eurozone Energy Transition Leaders 50 EW
  • Thematic, strategic and sectorial indices
Find the answer to your various investment needs through Euronext indices.

Index-based investment products

Our clients – banks, asset owners, data providers - license our wide range of indices to create innovative products that you can invest in. They also trust Euronext to design on-demand indices tailored to their needs.

10,000+ ETFs, funds, warrants, certificates, futures and options are associated with our indices, with billions in assets under management.

  • The CAC 40® Future is the second most traded national derivative product in Europe
  • In 2018, 2 of our customised indices were in the top 4 index performers in France; CAC® Large 60 EW and SBF® Top 80 EW
  • Our thematic indices match growing trends and investor demand, such as
    • ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance), Climate, Responsible investment.
    • Low Carbon, Energy transition
    • Reitsmarket

Euronext has also partnered with Morningstar to launch European Indices and associated Derivatives instruments traded on Euronext:

  • Morningstar® Eurozone 50 Index™
  • Morningstar® Developed Markets Europe 100 Index™.

They are designed to provide product creation opportunities and risk management tools, and can help investors access consistent exposure to European markets.

Euronext’s global and diversified Index offering


What are indices?

You might have heard about stock market indices, but what are they really? How are they calculated? Are they useful to companies? How does eligibility work? Here’s a short video about stock market indices, how they work and to what extent companies can benefit from them.

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