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Dam tot Damloop sounds gong with sponsors

On 19 and 20 September the Dam tot Dam Weekend, one of biggest sportive events in the Netherlands, takes place. Therefore organizer Le Champion opens trading together with her sponsors KLM and Ahold and the charity Right To Play.

This upcoming weekend more than 86,000 athletes will enjoy their participation during one of the Dam tot Dam events. Saturday 19 September 17,000 walkers participate in the Dam tot Dam Wandeltocht. In the evening follows the Damloop by night with 12,000 runners. One day later 6,000 cyclists come to the Dam square in Amsterdam for the Dam tot Dam FietsClassic. The highlight of the weekend is the Dam tot Damloop with 50,000 participants, the biggest running event of the Netherlands. Over 250,000 spectators come to Amsterdam or Zaandam to soak up the atmosphere of the events.

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