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Cut Throat Amsterdam


Barbers at the Amsterdam Exchange

In 1934, the Exchange Salon was opened at the Amsterdam exchange building. Before they entered the trading floor, stockbrokers visited the barber for a shaving in a classical way. However, the barber disappeared in 1996 from Beursplein 5. Cut Throat Amsterdam brings back the barbers to the Amsterdam Exchange. From today the barber shop is open to the public. Co-owners Tom Sadd and James Reichwein sound the gong and open trading.

Cut Throat Amsterdam is an experiential concept located at the Amsterdam Exchange, Beursplein 5 in the heart of Amsterdam, it combines numerous aspects including Food, Drinks, Barbering and Coffee to create a destination space where many needs can be met in a friendly and welcoming environment.

The various aspects have been designed and delivered at a world class level. An original cocktail menu was designed by world renowned Cocktail Specialist Danil Nevsky. Cut Throat has also partnered up with acclaimed Amsterdam restaurateurs Fraiche Hospitality to deliver modern American Brunch and Dinner offerings. The remaining aspects are brought over from the existing Cut Throat Barber and Coffee, which has seen huge success since opening June 2013.

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