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Debt, Funds and ETPs

Our services provide safe and efficient issuance of fixed income instruments, mutual funds, and exchange traded products (ETPs).

Euronext Securities Oslo simplifies capital market complexity for Issuers through providing a secure and well-proven financial infrastructure that ensures compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Euronext Securities Oslo provides more than 5 500 securities of fixed income, funds, or ETPs.


registration-and-administration ES-OSL

Registration and Administration

Administrative solution for Account Operators

Our registration and administration services provides Account Operators with administrative tools to register and maintain all aspects related to managing securities in the Euronext Securities Oslo-register.

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If you are a bank, broker or fund manager that wants to offer Euronext Securities Oslo’s services to your own customers, you can read more about becoming an account operator (registrar) in Euronext Securities Oslo below.

Become an Account Operator


Bondholder meeting

Ensuring efficient and professional bondholder meetings

Our digital bondholder meeting solution covers all stages of arranging a bondholder meeting – from preparation to execution – ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations

corporate-actions ES-OSL

Corporate Actions

Flexible solutions supporting a wide range of corporate actions

Our corporate actions suite is an efficient solution that supports all of the common corporate actions used by Issuers of fixed income, funds, and ETPs.



Fund unit register with cost efficient distribution in the Norwegian market

Our funds services offer Issuers of mutual funds a fund unit register and a cost efficient distribution of funds through Euronext Securities Oslo’ network infrastructure.


Investor Communication

Easy distribution of information from Issuers to Investors

Our services help ensure that Issuers of fixed income, funds, and ETPs are able to distribute relevant information to their investors.


Nicholas A. Schulz headshot

Nicholas A. Schulz

Head of Equity Services, Euronext Securities Oslo