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  • The leading pan-European exchange with almost 1,500 listed issuers. Market capitalisation close to €4.5 trillion (as of end December 2019).
  • Unmatched blue chip franchise consisting of 25 issuers in the EuroStoxx 50® Index
  • Our flagship national indices include the AEX®, BEL 20®, CAC 40®, ISEQ 20®, OBX® and PSI 20®.
  • From retail to large-in-scale products and services, complementing standard equity trading.
  • Our Market Surveillance ensures fair and orderly markets, a secure environment for investors.

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Dark trading

Enhanced dark liquidity:

  • Euronext Block MTF
  • Dark Large-in-Scale features on our Regulated Markets

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Euronext’s Best Execution service for retail investors
Dedicated liquidity providers offer price improvement for the retail flow

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How to invest in stocks on Euronext?

Place your orders through broker firms that are members of the Euronext Cash Markets. These include the world’s largest investment banks and brokerages as well as national trading firms in the Euronext countries and worldwide.

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