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Why go public?

Anthony Attia

Anthony Attia
Global Head of Primary Markets & Post Trade

Euronext supports you all along your financing journey. We help you evaluate the financing alternatives available to your company and advise you on all aspects of going public regardless of where you may be in your evaluation process.

Entrepreneurs looking to raise capital have a wide choice of financing options, including private equity, venture capital, trade sale or a listing on the stock market.
Listing your company is so much more than securing a new source of financing. It is a strategic decision that enables your company to accelerate its growth, raise visibility, enable investors to exit and boost your profile with all stakeholders.

Benefits of going public

  • Raise funds to finance your growth
  • Create a liquid market for your shareholders
  • Boost your company’s visibility at home and abroad
  • Raise your profile and status with all stakeholders
  • Promote employee buy-in and commitment
  • Facilitate recruitment
  • Allow legacy investors to exit
  • Transparent and unique price
  • Access to a large family of indices

Going Public with Euronext: What is an IPO?

Common reasons to go public include: financing your growth, increasing your visibility, enabling investor reach and flexibility, and much more. 
If you're still wondering what an IPO is exactly, follow Sarah’s adventures to know more about the Euronext IPO Process.


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Types of Listing


Raise funds through sale and listing of shares.

Private placement

Sales of shares directly to a selected group of qualified investors.

Direct listing

List shares without raising funds.

Company stories

Euronext Markets

We have a market to match your company’s size and ambition.

Euronext Access & Access+

The first step for start-ups and SMEs.

Euronext Growth

The market for high-growth SMEs.


Suitable for larger, established companies.

Considering an IPO in the next 3 years?

We are here to support you. Find out about our pre-IPO programmes for growing companies.



For Tech SMEs



For Family Businesses

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Dedicated programmes for Irish and Norwegian companies

IPOready ireland 

Go further with our IPO Guide

A guide to the listing stock exchange

  • Why go public?
  • The IPO journey
  • Life as a listed company


Our listing specialists are here to answer any questions your company has regarding listing on one or more of our European markets.