Sector Index Futures

Future on the Euronext® Eurozone Banks Index

Access the banking sector at a fair price

  • Based on the Euronext Eurozone Banks Index which shows the performance of the largest companies of the banking sector in the Eurozone (Bloomberg code: EZBANK)
  • Fair cost structure taking into consideration the nominal value of the index
  • High accessibility thanks to a low minimum size to facilitate off-screen transactions
  • Higher nominal value to enable further economies at the clearing level
  • On-screen liquidity provided by 5 market makers committed to the development of a cost-efficient solution to trade the banking sector
  • Off-screen liquidity offered by all the existing main counterparties
  • Standard listed futures contract offering the benefits of central clearing, including margin efficiencies with other Euronext benchmarks

Market makers

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Flow Traders
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Euronext Eurozone Banks Index Future vs. competition

  • ~75% cheaper
  • Higher nominal value (x5 bigger)
  • Calibrated tick size
  • Smaller block size (3 lots, appr. €75k)

Publications about Euronext Banks Index Future

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Best Execution - Summer edition (July 2021)

Charlotte Alliot, Head of Institutional Derivatives at Euronext spoke to Best Execution about trading the Eurozone banking sector using derivatives.