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Euronext Securities offers issuance services to issuers and their agents, custody & settlement services to financial institutions and delivers a range of value-added services to customers.
Settlement & Client Connectivity Services

Settlement & Client Connectivity Services

For settlement in multiple currencies, Euronext Securities offers you a secure and efficient solution all throughout Europe and the Nordic region. Depending on market, settlement takes place locally or through TARGET2-Securities (T2S) which gives you streamlined settlement in central bank money, EUR, DKK, NOK and SEK. ​​We offer a wide variety of secure and stable communication solutions e.g., ISO 15022, ISO 20022, or our proprietary formats with direct system-to-system communication. 

Asset Services

Safekeeping, Custody, and Asset Services

As a global custodian, (I)CSD, CCP, broker, or dealer, you can leverage our expert knowledge of local securities markets in providing secure and efficient custody solutions. Registered financial instruments are held in digital form and can be maintained either in beneficial owner accounts or nominee accounts. We provide a flexible solution for opening, maintaining, and administering your clients and their accounts.​ In our role as the Danish, Norwegian, Portuguese, or Italian CSD, we provide comprehensive support for the processing of corporate events in those four markets, ensuring timely and accurate handling.​ Additionally, intermediaries can benefit from custody solutions for assets in other markets through our collaborations with local CSDs and partners, gaining direct access to multiple international markets.​

Issuance services

Issuance Services

We deliver end-to-end solutions for securities issuance - ​for equities, bonds, structured products and investment funds. Issuer and their advisers can rely on a secure infrastructure when you bring securities to the capital market. We provide a safe and secure distribution network to all the important investment hubs in Europe, so that you can easily reach your target investors. 

Issuing agent services

Issuing Agent Services

At Euronext Securities we serve as your trusted issuing agent, providing seamless issuance services for your securities. Whether you're a corporation, financial institution, or organization seeking to raise capital, our expertise as an Issuing Agent ensures compliance with regulatory standards and efficient distribution of securities to investors.

Tax services

Tax Services

Tax reporting can be a time-consuming and costly matter, as changes to regulation and new reporting requirements set by the local tax authorities require ongoing adjustments to systems and processes. At Euronext Securities, we provide tax reporting services that comprises a wide range of services and ensures correct calculation of tax, based on existing local and international legislation.​

Data services

Data Services

Euronext Securities offers a suite of products providing valuable insights across all financial asset classes. Our comprehensive data offerings include activity-based data, static instrument data, and market and benchmark data. With access to a unique dataset comprising information from nearly one million private and institutional investors across over 5 million securities accounts, our Data Services provide a complete and tailored overview.  ​

Register and meeting services

Register & Meeting Services

At Euronext Securities, we recognize the importance of streamlined shareholder register management and delivery of general meetings for issuers. Leveraging our expertise and specialised technical platforms, we provide comprehensive solutions to simplify these processes for your company – regardless of whether your meeting is physical, hybrid or completely virtual.​​ Whether you're seeking a complete solution or prefer selected services, we offer customisable options to meet your specific requirements.

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Euronext Securities provides efficient and reliable securities services across Europe, whether you are a financial institution, corporate or issuing company.