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The Central Securities Depository Regulation (CSDR) is an European Parliament regulation entered into force on September 17th, 2014 to regulate Central Security Depositaries activities of EU member countries.

CSDR plays a pivotal role for post-trade harmonization efforts in Europe, as it establishes authorization requirements and common rules for the exercise of the central depository activity, with particular reference to the securities settlement service.

The CSDR considers CSDs as critical market infrastructures with guiding principles of regulatory provisions aimed to:

  • Increase the safety, reliability and efficiency of CSDs

  • Ensure that CSDs are subject to a common regulatory framework in the European Union

  • Harmonize the legal aspects related to the settlement of securities

  • Create a level playing field among CSDs that stimulates competition and interconnection between systems

CSDR Focus

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CSDR: The main effects

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English 03/03/2021 /sites/default/files/2022-07/4196_CSDR%20Focus%20ENG.pdf CSDR: The main effects

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