Corporate Social Responsibility

VP strives to conduct its business on an ethical, responsible and sustainable basis. Our CSR work is focused on three areas – employees, the environment and crime prevention.

Our policy on Corporate Social Responsibility

VP emphasises acting responsibly in all of our activities. We aspire to contribute positively to developments in the areas in which we operate, to establish good working conditions for our employees and to limit our environmental impact and prevent crime.

As an infrastructure supplier in the financial sector, it is crucial to our business to maintain a high degree of credibility and to deliver high-quality products and services in the markets and countries in which we operate. VP also aims to be recognised as a reliable and attractive business partner to all stakeholders.

Therefore, our CSR work is an integrated part of our business and a natural element of our day-to-day work.

VP strives to be a workplace characterised by high employee satisfaction and employees known for their commitment and comprehensive skills. We measure our efforts and we have systematic follow-up procedures. Employee satisfaction surveys are conducted every year.

VP wants its organisation to reflect the diversity of today’s society and we believe that diversity creates the best and most dynamic work climate. VP aspire to ensure that, in general, all employees have equal access to promotion from within the organisation, regardless of age, gender, ethnic background or culture. Hence, we seek to ensure that there is always an open and unbiased selection process in the organisation, without any form of discrimination.

As a responsible corporate citizen, VP works continuously to reduce the environmental footprint of our business operations. This applies in particular to the premises where we operate - and the ambition is to provide the best possible working environment and high levels of comfort for employees, whilst at the same time optimising energy consumption.

VP seeks to prevent all forms of crime, including corruption, money laundering, extortion and bribery, and our activities must always be in full compliance with relevant legislation, irrespective of the place of operation.

For customers in our subsidiary, VP Services, VP undertakes anti-money laundering control in accordance with legislation. VP therefore has a procedure that must be adhered to in all contact with new and existing customers. This means, for example, that all relevant employees receive the statutory mandatory training, and that VP takes part in the international cooperation to report suspicious circumstances to SØIK (the Danish State Prosecutor for Serious Economic and International Crime).

For all VP employees, it is mandatory to submit the criminal record prior commencing their employment with VP. Also, all criminal records are renewed annually.

VP has chosen to support two initiatives outside our field of business.  VP supports the Child Cancer Foundation and the Danish Cancer Society.


Anne Kaas Hammer - Head of Euronext Securities LRGA Copenhagen and Oslo

Anne Kaas Hammer

Head of Euronext Securities LRGA Copenhagen and Oslo

+45 5131 8582