Leading European stocks. The deepest pool of liquidity.

From flagship blue chips to innovative small and midcaps

  • The leading pan-European exchange with close to 1,930 listed issuers. Market capitalisation around €6.3 trillion (as of end December 2022).
  • Unmatched blue chip franchise consisting of 24 issuers in the EuroStoxx 50® Index
  • Our flagship national indices include the AEX®, BEL 20®, CAC 40®, ISEQ 20®, OBX® and PSI 20®.
  • From retail to large-in-scale products and services, complementing standard equity trading.
  • Our Market Surveillance ensures fair and orderly markets, a secure environment for investors.

            Source: Euronext Group

Matching investment needs

Euronext Block

The hub for SME block trading

A pan-European MTF that helps you safely source unique Large-In-Scale liquidity, especially on SMEs.

Euronext Dark Large-In-Scale features on our Regulated Markets

A new source of hidden liquidity

Leverage existing hidden liquidity in one of the largest pools of liquidity in Europe.

Euronext’s Best of Book

The Best Execution service for retail investors

Provides the best prices available in Europe for retail investors’ equity orders, with price improvement from dedicated liquidity providers all within the Central Order Book

Equities directory

Explore the wide range of stocks you can invest in

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How to invest in stocks on Euronext?

Place your orders through broker firms that are members of the Euronext Cash Markets. These include the world’s largest investment banks and brokerages as well as national trading firms in the Euronext countries and worldwide.

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The TRADE Close Roundtable - Trading at the Closing Auction

Trading at the Closing Auction

Listen to this roundtable in four parts organised by The TRADE News where Euronext’s Paul Besson and other experts at Sell-Side and Buy-Side firms discuss:

  1. The key drivers of growth for rising volumes at the Close
  2. Implicit and explicit costs for trading at the Close in comparison with the Continuous markets
  3. Impacts of the migration to the Close on the Continuous trading day
  4. And how institutional investors can navigate these changing liquidity patterns


More about closing auctions with the Euronext Quant Research report.

Euronext equity market quality

Equity market quality in times of volatility

A short analysis, demonstrating that in times of heightened volatility, Euronext's equity market remains resilient and provides the best market quality for its listed stocks, and proving the benefits of Euronext’s liquidity schemes for investors. 

Equity market quality

Is the Equity market more resilient to global turmoil?

In this report, we observe that since early 2020, volatility and equity trading volumes have skyrocketed due to global markets turmoil, but European market quality appears to be more resilient to distortions during the Ukraine-Russia crisis in early 2022 than during the first Covid-19 wave in 2020. During these recent geopolitical tensions, Euronext has maintained stronger metrics than MTFs in terms of average spreads and EBBO Presence/Setting. This testifies to Euronext’s resilient market quality, proving again its reliability even in times of unprecedented levels of volatility.



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