Market Quality

Investors and trading members benefit from the excellent quality of Euronext markets, guaranteeing enhanced execution.

Why trade on Euronext markets

  • Transparency
  • The largest and deepest pool of liquidity in Europe
  • Liquidity Provider/Market Maker schemes ensuring liquidity provision
  • Best execution for market participants
  • A secured, reliable environment for investors
  • Optiq® cutting-edge trading technology offering ultra-low latency, stability and reliability

Cash markets*


Local markets


Market share on cash trading


Cash average daily value


Cash equity trading members


Derivatives markets*

€4 trillion

Notional value


Number of contracts traded 
(lots in million)

2.1 million tonnes

of wheat traded daily


Given the variety of choices for places to trade, there is an implicit search cost. The higher the quality of a market the lower the explicit costs will be for the investor, therefore assuring a better quality of execution.


€8,299 million

ADV for cash trading

272,834 contracts

ADV on individual equity derivatives

216,819 contracts

ADV on equity index derivatives

$21,339 million

ADV on FastMatch’s spot foreign exchange market

*September 2020

Trading safeguards on the Euronext markets

Euronext’s philosophy is not to halt trading except in extreme circumstances. To achieve this we have developed a full set of trading safeguards, including circuit breakers, designed to prevent situations of disorderly markets and detect unusual events.

Surveillance room

Euronext Quantitative Research

Identify trends, gain valuable insights and learn more about trading mechanisms with data products, research papers and online courses designed for investors and market participants across the globe.

Gain insight into potential short-term alpha through our Equity Market Flow product, or receive bi-monthly flow trends by industry or on individual stocks with Equity Market Trends.

Quant Research

Volumes for September 2020

Cash markets

Number of transactions

Transaction value


Buys and sells

EUR million - Single counted







Open interest
  In lots  
Individual Equity









TM Derivatives

134,562 0

Total futures,



Total options



Total Euronext




Euronext FX Volume

in USD millions, single counted




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Make better informed trading decisions with our wide range of quality market data on Euronext Cash and Derivatives Markets. Our statistical reports provide traders and issuers with vital information about market activity.

Stocks and shares

Available statistics

Cash Statistics

Cash market - Monthly statistics
Euronext Paris - New listings (historical document)
Euronext Paris sectorial indices - Complete historical key figures
Euronext Paris indices - Complete historical figures
Euronext Indices Monthly Key Index Facts
Euronext Indices Monthly Performance Report

Derivatives Statistics

Euronext - Daily Derivatives Statistics
Derivatives Market - Monthly Statistics

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Financial analysis for SMEs

Morningstar Research reports focus on the Tech Small & Mid-Caps and family businesses listed on Euronext Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon and Paris. They are available free of charge to download.

“Our collaboration with Euronext expands the availability of our independent quantitative equity ratings and our unique methodology. By providing Morningstar’s quantitative ratings for these equities, we can provide information that is important to investors so they can make better decisions.”
  • Morningstar France

Historical data

Historical data and daily updates are available for all instruments trading in our markets.

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