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Regulatory Environment

Learn about the legal framework of Euronext Securities.
Euronext Securities facilitates well-functioning capital markets across the EU.

As such, we are subject to thorough regulation and supervision.

Compliant with national and international rules

As Central Securities Depositories (CSDs), we operate in a fast-moving, ever-changing legal and regulatory environment.

Our processes are subject to the rules of the respective supervisory authorities in each country in which we operate.

We aim to create long-term value as a trusted cornerstone of capital markets. We provide robust and relevant services to the capital markets. These services are in full compliance with existing national and international rules and laws.

Monitoring regulatory requirements

We constantly monitor developments across the regulatory landscape. We work on initiatives that directly impact the activities of our central depositories and those of our clients. We partner with our customers to find solutions to their regulatory requirements.

Working towards harmonised capital markets

European institutions emphasise the role of market infrastructures in strengthening the resilience and integration of capital markets. Euronext Securities helps implement the agenda of Capital Markets Union. We actively participate in discussions with the European Commission and the Supervisory and Regulatory Authorities of financial markets. 

Our aim is to support the harmonisation and efficiency of Post-Trade processes.

Regulatory initiatives

All of our regulatory initiatives are designed to strengthen the organisation by:

  • meeting legal requirements
  • enhancing internal controls and cybersecurity
  • developing our risk-conscious mindset

Local regulations

We aim to harmonise rules and regulations across countries and markets. Of course, local regulations do apply to each of our CSDs.

Find out more about local regulations:


The Central Securities Depository Regulation (CSDR) is the European regulation for CSDs. CSDR aims to harmonise settlement processes and provide requirements for CSDs across the EU.

Learn how Euronext Securities complies with CSDR standards.

Settlement Discipline Regime

The Settlement Discipline Regime (SDR) is a central aspect of the CSDR. One of the objectives of the CSDR is to improve the safety and efficiency of securities settlement, particularly for cross-border transactions, by ensuring that buyers and sellers receive their securities and money on time and without risks.

LEI Code

To comply with CSDR, issuers and intermediaries must have a Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) code and report it to their Euronext Securities CSD.

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