Euronext Corn Derivatives

The European benchmark for Corn

Access delayed prices and download contract specifications

Corn Futures contract specifications

Corn Options contract specifications

Options and futures on Corn

  • European benchmark for the pricing of Corn
  • An accurate hedging tool for coops, trading houses, processors, starch industry and animal nutrition producers
  • Strong convergence for commercial market participants
  • Available for trading on the Euronext Paris derivatives market
  • Delivery points in France (Bayonne, Blaye, Bordeaux, Dunkirk, La Rochelle Pallice, Nantes), and Belgium (Ghent).

Useful links

  • ADHB Cereals and Oilseeds: statistics on UK and global physical grain and oilseed prices and market/trade

  • COCERAL: European association for cereals, rice, feedstuffs, oilseeds, olive oil, oils and fats and agrosupply – for EU grain and oilseeds crop forecast and trade information

  • FranceAgriMer: French department of agriculture and fisheries. Information on French grain and oilseed output and supply and demand

  • Incograin Paris Grain Trade Association

  • International Grains Council (IGC): fundamental information in respect of production, consumption, stocks etc.