What does Euronext Index Data provide?


Euronext offers a wide range of Indices. 

Access to data relating to the indices that are compiled, calculated and published by Euronext. Data includes the level of the index, type of index level (opening index level, real-time, indicative level) and various indicators.

See the index levels: Open, high, low, closing levels for over 1,000 indices of all sizes of profiles.



From our national flagship indices
and their ESG versions:

To thematic, strategic and sectorial indices,
as well as on-demand customized indices
such as:

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15,000+ associated products such as Exchange Traded Products (ETPs), funds, derivatives and structured products, are associated with Euronext indices, with billions in AUM.

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euronext Index Offer
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euronext Index Offer
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Euronext Index Weightings

Access end-of-day index data, which includes index composition and weights, daily index values, divisors and market capitalisation for Euronext indices.

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Euronext Single Indices

Subscribe* to index levels: open, high, low and closing levels for any of Euronext's flagship indices. These data can be displayed publicly on television channels, websites and mobile applications.

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    *For more information about our market data products, please contact us by sending an email to datasolutions@euronext.com and we will further assist you.