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The world is facing pressing challenges to ensure a sustainable future for our planet. The finance sector is a vital contributor to the global sustainability agenda. It can empower sustainable finance, by incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investment decision-making. It can also support the allocation of capital to sustainable initiatives.

Euronext has a special position in the financial ecosystem. It serves the real economy by bringing together buyers and sellers in transparent, efficient and reliable trading venues. In this key role, Euronext has a responsibility to the whole finance community, not only to ensure financial stability, but to contribute decisively to a sustainable growth model in the countries in which it operates.


Dual Ambition

Drive investment in innovative, sustainable products and services

through secure and transparent markets, in continuous collaboration with our financial community.

Inspire and promote tangible sustainable practices

within the company and towards our community, by respecting and developing our people and by supporting our ecosystem.

Euronext ESG strategy

Five material impact areas

Euronext carried out a pan-European stakeholder consultation process, to identify the ESG issues that our stakeholders believe should be our main focus.

Based on these results, we defined the key issues on which we can have the most impact in the economy, society and the environment. These key issues are grouped into five material impact areas: Our Markets, Our Partners, Our People, Our Society and Our Environment.

Each material impact area supports one or several of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), part of the “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” to which Euronext has committed as an Official Partner of the Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative (SSE).

ESG Our Markets Sustainable Investment

Our Markets

As a market infrastructure, Euronext is in a unique position to support the transition to a sustainable European economy.

We offer our issuers a tailored programme to increase ESG knowledge. This solution also allows them to connect with relevant stakeholders and advocate for ESG goals and interests.

Euronext helps investors identify listed products that meet ESG criteria. Our market players can invest in a wide range of Sustainable Indices, ETFs, Derivatives, and Bonds.

Euronext Securities, Euronext’s CSD activity, services a wide range of ESG and Green securities, and provides also good governance solutions.

Our People

Our People

Euronext promotes an environment that encourages collaborative work, learning and innovation. We support each employee in shaping his or her future and the future of the company, in an inclusive environment that values diversity.

Euronext strives to foster a mindset that complements our values and supports the company’s ambitions:

Execute with excellence | Collaborate, challenge and care for each other | Dare to take risks | Empower our people | Focus on clients | Adopt a positive performance culture.

They underly all our actions and form a foundation that underpins the way we work.

Our partners

Our Partners

A central element of our work is the engagement with our customers, as well as the European and local public authorities and policymakers, to help shape the regulatory and policy issues that impact the financial sector and empower sustainable finance.

As a result of the European Commission’s Action Plan on Financing Sustainable Growth and the European Green Deal, a number of legislative proposals have been agreed, to incentivise investments in sustainable activities. This focus is reflected in our continuous ESG dialogue with the EU institutions, namely the Commission, Parliament and Member States in Council, as well as all relevant authorities in the Euronext jurisdictions.

ESG Our Society Sustainable Corporates

Our Society

Euronext aims to be a model for the industry. We apply high ethical and legal standards of conduct in our business, our dealings with colleagues, employees, business partners, customers and communities. Our corporate governance reflects our strong focus on independence, oversight, and transparency.

Euronext supports institutions in each Euronext location. Our efforts focus on two key areas: financial literacy and blue economy, including oceans, seas and marine resources. Our employees are encouraged to contribute to local communities. Euronext supports training, volunteering, charity work and thought leadership.

Our environment

Our Environment

Euronext is conscious of the challenges linked to climate change, the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and to manage natural resources. We have fully integrated environmental issues into our activities and strategy.

In 2023, Euronext's SBTi-aligned climate targets were validated by the Science-Based Targets initiative.

Products and Services

Euronext offers a diverse range of products and services and combines transparent and efficient equity, fixed income securities and derivatives markets in Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin, Lisbon, Oslo, Paris and Milan.

Know more about our ESG products and services offer, and discover also our range of products and services that cater specifically to issuers seeking to embrace ESG factors.



Fit for 1.5º

Euronext is leveraging its ESG performance to build an impactful ESG strategy 2022-2024 embedded in the strategic plan “Growth for Impact 2024”. The new sustainability strategy focuses on accelerating climate action both in the Euronext operations and through the role it plays in empowering sustainable finance across all its markets. In that context, Euronext has launched its “Fit for 1.5°” climate commitment, for its own business, its partners and its clients.

Find out more about Sustainability in Euronext's Supply Chain

ESG Reporting Guide

ESG Reporting Guide

Access here the new edition of the ESG Reporting Guide, which has been designed to help companies engage in climate change mitigation policies with the support of their investors, and more broadly lists the key aspects to consider when reporting on ESG to make the most of the associated opportunities. This new edition has been revised with a focus on the 1.5°C global temperature increase trajectory, in line with Euronext's “Fit for 1.5°” commitment, one of the key pillars of its “Growth for Impact 2024” strategic plan.

ESG Policies and Statements

Check here the Euronext ESG policies and statements, which have been reviewed and approved by the Euronext Managing Board.

They cover all the companies controlled directly or indirectly by Euronext N.V. Review by the Managing Board is done on a yearly basis. Most recent review dates from 2 April 2024.

All Euronext Policies are reviewed by the Euronext Internal Audit department at least once every three years.

The objectivity and organisational independence of the Internal Audit function is achieved through the Head of Internal Audit reporting directly to the Chairman of Euronext Audit Committee.

FIND OUT MORE ABOUT EURONEXT'S Non-financial reporting

Euonext Foundation

Euronext Foundation

The Euronext Foundation aims to foster Euronext's support of local sustainable communities and projects across Europe in the fields of financial literacy, diversity and inclusion in finance, and marine resources.

It acts as an umbrella encompassing Euronext’s philanthropic and educational support via dedicated funding and volunteering initiatives to empower young people, promote sustainability, and strengthen our connections with local communities.

Financial Inclusion

Euronext believes itself to be a player for a fairer and more inclusive society. As such, Euronext leverages its distinct position in financing the real economy to promote financial inclusion by providing all sorts and sized businesses and individuals with access to capital and education.  By creating an inclusive financial ecosystem, Euronext can contribute to economic growth, employment, and the financial empowerment of individuals and businesses.

Read more about our Financial Inclusion initiatives and our Financial Inclusion policy.

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