Resilience during volatility

These are challenging times for everyone, and that is why operating resilient, fair and orderly markets has never been more crucial than today…

As one of Europe’s principal exchange operators, it is our duty to prepare for times like these. Euronext has invested heavily in technology, capacity and latency, and processes. These investments have proven their worth in the recent unprecedented trading environment. 

Business continuity 

The current health situation has no impact so far on Euronext's market operations. Most of our staff are currently working from home whilst operating a fully functional infrastructure with no latency issues. Euronext has Business Continuity Management plans for all its locations and company-wide which are regularly tested. Euronext continues its active monitoring of the situation, and has prepared itself to implement additional measures on either a local or group level, as the situation may require. These precautionary measures are designed to limit the possible points of contact between Euronext staff, to help protect the health of our colleagues, clients and business relations and ensure the continuity of our business. 

Euronext Capital Markets Update

This weekly Capital Markets Update includes relevant information on the equity performance and volatility levels in Europe, trading volumes across Euronext markets and funds flows on European equities. It also features the most recent legal and regulatory measures that may impact issuers across Euronext countries. Visit the archive or 

Postponement of AGM and dividend policy

In the unprecedented context brought on by COVID-19, several European national competent authorities are considering exceptional measures, such as allowing the postponement of AGMs for issuers or reviewing public funding in light of dividend policies. These measures can impact listed companies’ dividend policy, and subsequently the pricing of derivatives. Euronext shares some best practices to maximise the smooth pricing of these derivatives.

Extreme market conditions and trading safeguards

We are maintaining a full system of ‘circuit breakers’ which enables trading in individual securities to be halted for a short period when price movements are too erratic. This avoids the need to halt the entire market, whilst allowing traders to pause and absorb the information flow. Our circuit breakers are performing as they were designed to.  

Transparent and efficient price formation

Stock exchanges are the key aggregation centres for natural flows’ liquidity and play a key role in price formation. Our core mission is to finance the real economy and this requires us to ensure the efficient and transparent formation of prices. Euronext will continue to do so despite the exceptional circumstances currently affecting Europe and the world at large. Our markets will remain open, because their efficient functioning is secured, and because appropriate adjustments, if and when needed, are implemented following a close dialogue with our clients and our regulators.