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A green Data Centre with state-of-the-art Colocation and Connectivity services
Euronext migrated its primary Data Centre and related Colocation services from Basildon, UK, to the Aruba Global Cloud Data Centre IT3 in Bergamo, Italy, in June 2022.

The move is in response to multiple factors, including the acquisition of Borsa Italiana Group, the dynamic created by Brexit and a strong rationale to locate a data centre in a country where Euronext operates a large business.

The Aruba data centre meets the highest quality standards (Rating 4 certification), provides the maximum level of safety and resilience, and is 100% powered by renewable energy, enabling to minimise the environmental impact of Euronext and all market participants. Euronext operates state-of-the-art Colocation and Connectivity offerings, available to members and non-members.

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Euronext provides a state-of-the-art Colocation service offering in its primary data centre in Bergamo, Italy. This is similar to the offer that current colocation clients benefit from with equivalent best-in-class data centres, and are fully operated by Euronext.

For more details, see the Service Description Brochure and documentation below.


Euronext provides various Connectivity options in the Aruba data centre to non-colocation clients. 

For more details, see the Service Description Brochure and documentation below.

What is a Data Centre?

A data centre is the most important system for an exchange. It’s where all the trading happens, and it houses the matching engine,plus all the supporting applications. Thanks to this booklet, understand the basics of what a data centre is, what it is composed of, and how can a data centre be green and enable Euronext and its clients to minimise their environmental impact.



The following information is available for clients and interested parties of our data centre. Please login or create a free user account to access the information.

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Euronext Data Centre: powerful and sustainable


TruSight risk assessment

Trusight, the financial industry’s leading provider of validated third-party risk data, completed a comprehensive risk assessment of Euronext. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the assessments, please contact .

Read the TruSight press release


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Introducing Aruba Global Cloud Data Centre IT3

The Aruba Global Cloud Data Centre IT3 located in Bergamo, Italy, is a best-in-class data centre providing maximum certified standards of reliability and security, as well as care for the environment as it is entirely powered by green energy. The Euronext Disaster Recovery site will remain in the Paris region.