Historical Data

Comprehensive and accurate information derived from our proprietary trading systems

Historical data is available for all instruments traded on the Euronext markets.

Use historical data to back-test trading strategies, create risk and execution models, conduct post-trade analysis, and facilitate academic research.

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Features of our Historical Data

We offer complete and accurate data collected from our own trading systems. Daily updates are provided.

Data is delivered in compressed CSV format or Raw PCAP via SFTP pull. For Borsa Italiana only, REST API format is available. 

Access historical data on:

  • Euronext, Euronext Oslo Børs and Borsa Italiana Cash and Derivatives Markets (equities, index, commodities)
  • Indices (AEX®, BEL 20®, CAC 40®, ISEQ 20®, OBX®, PSI® and others)
  • Corporate actions, dividends and adjustment coefficients

Products available:



For a detailed list of fields available please refer to the Clients specifications

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For further information please contact us at: datasolutions@euronext.com