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Natuur & Milieu luidt gong voor World Nature Conservation Day


In context of World Nature Conservation Day, Natuur & Milieu Foundation sounds the gong with a focus on the organisation’s summer campaign ‘Sun Seeks Roof’ (Zon Zoekt Dak). This summer, Natuur & Milieu offers solar panels at a historically low price, to anyone seeking to benefit from the sunny weather.
Over the past three years, consumers have purchased 40 000 solar panels through Natuur & Milieu’s solar energy campaigns. These 40 000 solar panels generate an average of over 8 million kWh per year. This saves the Netherlands approximately 9000 tons of CO2 emissions, which translates to driving 42 million kilometers with an average car.

Olof van der Gaag, Campaigns Director at Natuur & Milieu, who sounds the gong,: “Solar panels do offer guarantees for the future. For example, when you invest 4,250 euros in our solar panels, the return of investment is 20,000 euros in 25 years.” While the number of homes with panels is doubled, the prices are halved. Van der Gaag: "It's amazing how fast the price of panels have dropped. With our first campaign in 2011, the purchase of 10 panels cost € 6000, which was a very competitive price at that time. Now, you can buy 18 panels for the same amount.”

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