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TenneT opens trading as first Dutch corporation to issue ‘green bonds’


TenneT is the first Dutch non-financial enterprise to issue so-called ‘green bonds’ in euros. For this occasion they visit the Amsterdam exchange of Euronext. Trading is opened by Otto Jager, CFO.

The first bond issue in 2015 consisted of two tranches of EUR 500 million each, with terms of 6 and 12 years and coupon rates of interest of 0.875% and 1.750%, respectively. In June 2016, TenneT issued another two tranches of EUR 500 million with terms of 10 and 20 years and coupon rates of interest of 1.000% and 1.875%, respectively. These bonds are all traded on the Euronext exchange in Amsterdam. In May 2016, TenneT also issued EUR 500 million in ‘green loans’ in Germany, a scheme comparable to the green bonds program.

In the future, TenneT will be issuing green bonds more frequently. The company is working on numerous sustainable energy projects that are eligible for green financing. In the next ten years, TenneT is expecting to invest EUR 7 to 9 billion in offshore wind energy projects in the Netherlands and Germany. In the period up to 2023, TenneT will connect to the Dutch grid 3,500 MW of sustainable wind energy generated by wind farms still to be developed in the Dutch sector of the North Sea. This corresponds to the annual energy consumption of over 3.5 million households. Green loans are contributing to the financing of the required grid connections.

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