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Partnership Commerzbank and Turbotrends


Commerzbank and Turbotrends celebrate partnership by sounding gong

Commerzbank celebrates its partnership with Turbotrends by sounding the gong at the Amsterdam exchange.

As an issuer of Warrants and certificates, Commerzbank offers a comprehensive range of financial instruments in Europe. With an offer of more than 160.000 products and many years of experience, Commerzbank is one of the largest and most prominent issuers of structured financial products in Europe. Turbotrends is an independent financial information company that has been active since 1996.

Together with this new partner, Commerzbank organizes various activities, such as webinars, seminars and a weekly Turbo chat. The goal of the collaboration is to better inform retail customers about the functioning of the product offered by the Commerzbank, and inspire customers to use them. Turbotrends will provide analyses, news updates and practical tips. Christophe Cox of Commerzbank sounds the gong.

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