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PlaytoWork visits Beursplein 5

Two months after the launch, PlaytoWork - an online platform for recruitment, selection and assessment – has helped the first graduated Intermediate Vocational Education students to get a job through ‘serious gaming’.  On this occasion they visit the Amsterdam exchange and open trading by sounding the gong.

PlaytoWork is a gamified job placement service platform that is designed for graduated Intermediate Vocational Education school leavers. By playing games in a playful, educational and recognizable manner, they will present and position themselves on the labour market. Employers place their vacancies on the platform and get access to the ever growing database of students, of whom they can select on both hard skills and soft skills.

PlaytoWork is an initiative of the municipality of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam Economic Board. In addition, a consortium of three companies - Banenruil, Eaglescience and IJsfontein - with extensive experience in the field of recruitment, digital learning, gaming and software development - are involved. PlaytoWork’s first milestones are the 3,000 participating profiles and  the first hundred employers that use the database. The main target is to match over 25,000 participating, graduated Intermediate Vocational Education students searching for jobs and side jobs with an employer. Finally, around 100.000 Intermediate Vocational Education students, starters and professionals with 1-2 years of working experience should be available for vacancies.

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