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15 years of ETFs in Europe


iShares sounds the gong in celebration of 15 years of ETFs in Europe

Kirst Kuipers, head of iShares Benelux at BlackRock, opens trading by sounding the gong to celebrate 15 years of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in Europe. iShares was the first provider to introduce ETFs in Europe.

The sounding of the gong coincides with Europe’s biggest ETF Event, 'Inside ETFs Europe' in

Amsterdam, where iShares will be one of the speakers. Kirst Kuipers, head of iShares Benelux at BlackRock: “The ETF market in Europe is still relatively young but incredibly dynamic. We expect assets in Europe to continue to increase strongly this year. Since the start of the year, some $38.4 billion have flown into ETFs in Europe. By 2019, we expect the European ETP market to have grown to USD 1,000 billion of assets under management. ETFs owe their huge popularity to their liquidity and the low costs.” ETFs are investment funds that follow an index and are traded on the stock exchange. iShares is the largest ETF provider in the world.

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