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The King’s Commissioner of Noord-Holland


The King’s Commissioner of Noord-Holland visits the Amsterdam exchange

Johan Remkes, the King’s Commissioner of Noord-Holland, sounds the gong to open trading at the Euronext exchange in Amsterdam. This ceremony also marks the launch of a new online discussion platform that allows participants to contribute ideas regarding the Province’s economic policy.

Noord-Holland is one of the Netherlands’ most healthy and dynamic provinces and one of the drivers of the country’s economy recovery, which is quickly picking up steam. The coalition formed by VVD, D66, PvdA and CDA in the States-Provincial, which in turn has appointed the Provincial Executive, is making a maximum effort to prime the pump for the steady growth of Noord-Holland’s regional economy and to create new scope for innovation, sustainability and enterprise. The Province will be investing another EUR 160 million for this purpose. The Province aims to realise its ambitions by clearing new paths for employment, accessibility, innovation, sustainable energy, a healthy rural economy and robust nature and recreation areas.

To this end, the Province has established both an innovation fund and a sustainability fund for the SME sector. In addition, the Province intends to promote a more effective alignment of the region’s education sector and employment market. The provincial administration will be investing in outstanding accessibility – both physical and digital – for economic activity in Noord-Holland through initiatives in the ‘Greenports’, the ports of Noord-Holland, the North Sea Canal and at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

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