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King’s Commissioner of Flevoland


King’s Commissioner of Flevoland opens trading day in honor of province’s entrepreneurship

The King’s Commissioner of the province of Flevoland opens the Euronext Amsterdam trading day. This ceremony is in honor of entrepreneurship in the province of Flevoland and the commissioner will be accompanied by a number of promising entrepreneurs of the province. 

Flevoland has many small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Among them there are a large number of self-employed individuals. The province aims to create a favorable business environment for them without unnecessary regulation. In addition, Flevoland is strong and distinctive in a number of key sectors such as Agriculture & Food, High Tech Systems and Materials and Life Sciences and Health.

Furthermore, the province has a new economic program for the period 2016-2020. Stimulating the regional economy is one of the key tasks of the province. Flevoland is committed to economic growth by supporting entrepreneurship through SME growth in Flevoland, but also through the development of the key sectors.

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