Predilife s’introduit sur Euronext Growth


IPO raises €3.6 million; market capitalisation €25.7 million

Paris – 21 December 2018Euronext today welcomed PrediLife, a provider of innovative personalised solutions that analyse and predict the risk of a selection of serious diseases, to its Euronext Growth market.

Founded in 2004 by Stéphane Ragusa, PrediLife combines proven medical techniques (genetic testing, medical imagery, etc.) with mathematical models using a very large amount of statistical data to produce innovative predictive solutions that enable individuals to ascertain their own risk profile for serious diseases. The company markets its MammoRisk® personalised breast cancer screening system in Europe, providing women and medical practitioners with a tool to assess individual risk.

PrediLife (ticker code: ALPRE) was listed on 21 December 2018 through the admission to trading of 2,758,154 shares making up its capital, including 386,154 new shares issued as part of a Global Offering[1]

The offering price was set at €9.30 per share. Market capitalisation on the day of listing was around €25.7 million, and the operation raised a total of €3.6 million.

At the listing ceremony, Stéphane Ragusa, CEO of PrediLife, said: “We are proud to announce our successful listing today on Euronext Growth in Paris, with the arrival of new shareholders whom we would like to thank for their trust. We also want to thank the existing investors that have renewed their support. Funds raised will allow PrediLife to step up the commercial rollout of our MammoRisk® solution in France and on international markets.”


[1] The Global Offering was made up of a Public Offering that included an Open Price Offer (OPO) and a Global Placement with institutional investors in France and other countries.

About PrediLife
PrediLife develops innovative predictive medicine solutions that combine proven medical techniques (genetic testing, medical imaging etc.) with mathematical models using a large amount of statistical data, which potentially allow individuals to ascertain their own risk profile regarding the occurrence of a large number of serious diseases.
The company markets its MammoRisk® personalised breast cancer screening solution in Europe and the United States. This combines medical imaging—from PrediLife’s proprietary DenSeeMammo software for measuring breast density—with Big Data and statistics through a scoring tool that uses patient-related data (age, breast density, family history, biopsy results, ethnic origin) and a study of the patient’s genetic profile through a genetic test, to establish a polygenic risk score. MammoRisk® addresses demand among women and medical practitioners for screening programmes that are personalised to reflect the risk of breast cancer.
PrediLife is in charge of assessing breast cancer risks as part of the European MyPeBS reference study. The study’s main aim is to compare the current screening approach—where age is the only criterion—with a new screening strategy based on each woman’s risk level. Another aim of the MyPeBS study is to produce European guidelines for the introduction of personalised screening.
Personalised screening is likely to have a major impact on public health, initially by reducing the number of cases in which breast cancer is diagnosed only at an advanced stage, and ultimately by reducing the breast cancer mortality rate.

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