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Global Exchange Trading Services


GETS celebrates five year residence at Beursplein 5 by sounding gong

Global Exchange Trading Services B.V. (GETS) was founded in 2009 and is a 100% subsidiary of Nyenburgh Holding B.V. This year they have been located at Beursplein 5 for five years and on this occasion they open trading by sounding the gong.

Through a partnership, GETS offers professional traders the opportunity to rent a trading desk on the floor of Euronext and provides market access to several exchanges in Europe and abroad to trade cash equities as well as derivatives using a reliable and stable trading system (GenXs). GETS has grown rapidly in recent years, partly because of its competitive trading costs, service and transparency. GETS is located on the former trading floor at Beursplein 5 and therefore it has acquired an unique position within the professional trading community in the Netherlands

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