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Football coach Erwin Koeman and his daughter Wendy sound gong for Dutch Epilepsy Foundation


Football coach, former player and ambassador of the Dutch Epilepsy Foundation, Erwin Koeman, opens trading together with his daughter Wendy, who has epilepsy. By sounding the gong they mark the national collection week of the Epilepsy Foundation between June 2nd and 7th.

When she was young, Wendy Koeman (22) had a lot of epileptic seizures. Luckily, Wendy is seizure free now, but due to irreversible brain damage she has some learning difficulties. Nevertheless, Wendy doesn’t think of her epilepsy as a disability. She has a catering job, an active social life and plays football. In the Netherlands approximately 120.000 people have epilepsy and in spite of medication 30 percent of them keep getting seizures. Epilepsy cannot be cured yet. Consequently, scientific research into the causes of epilepsy is of vital importance.

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