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ASN Sustainable Equity fund wins Green Bull


The ASN Sustainable Equity Fund has won the Green Bull (Groene Stier). The prize for best sustainable investment fund in the Netherlands. Director Bas-Jan Blom opens the trading day by sounding the gong.

The website annually awards seven Golden Bulls and one Green Bull to the leaders in the financial services industry. After extensive research the editors of the website determine who are eligible for one of the eight Golden Bulls. Then a jury of experts selects the winners. This is the second time that ASN Sustainable Equity Fund has won the Green Bull. The jury noted the distinctive sustainable strategy, good performance and low cost.

The ASN Sustainable Equity Fund invests worldwide in large companies that have sustainable leaders in their sector. They meet the strict sustainability criteria of ASN Investment Funds. The manager assesses companies on human rights, including labor rights; environment and climate; animal welfare; transparency and community involvement. In selecting companies, the manager also takes into account their CO2 emissions: the smaller it is, the more the fund invests in the company.

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