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Aalberts Industries celebrates inclusion in AEX-Index


CEO of Aalberts Industries (ticker symbol: AALB), Wim Pelsma, celebrates the inclusion of Aalberts Industries in the AEX-Index® by sounding the gong.

For Aalberts Industries the inclusion in the AEX index is another milestone in the 40 years of history. Aalberts Industries was founded in 1975 and has been listed on Euronext Amsterdam since 1987. In March 2005 the company was included in the AMX-Index, followed by the inclusion in the AEX-Index as of 23 March 2015. Aalberts Industries, who operates from more than 30 countries,  consists of four businesses: Building Installations, Climate Control, Industrial Controls and Industrial Services.

The AEX-Index is a free-float market capitalization weighted index that reflects the performance of the 25 largest shares listed on Euronext Amsterdam, and is the most widely used indicator of the Dutch stock market. The index serves as a basis for more than 2,000 products, such as; structured products, exchange traded funds, options and futures.

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