Allowing you to focus on clients & your differentiator

A successful venue launch relies on a critical mass of committed participants (retail and/or institutional).  Providing access to your products on Euronext technology provides all the benefits of a your product but available on a leading trading platform that is already approved by key European regulators and accessed by major financial institutions without requiring a significant development investment by your potential clients.

Digital Asset Venues

Hosted Market

Save time to market & cost by opting for a fully hosted instance of Euronext Optiq including order entry, matching engine and market data


Assets of multiple types to be listed & traded quickly.  A multitude of set up options to cover requirements through out of the box technology.


Transaction data sent to your settlement solution realtime.


FIX 5.0 and SBE technology, with low latency connectivity option for clients.


A system that is live & used for millions of transactions every day.

Surround Services

Surround services outsourced for day-to-day management (operations, surveillance, technical client onboarding).