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Gongslag markeert listing Pershing Square Holdings, Ltd.


William A. Ackman, CEO of Pershing Square Capital Management, luidt de gong en markeert hiermee de listing van Pershing Square Holdings, Ltd,(ticker symbool: PSH).

William A. Ackman zei: “We are delighted to list Pershing Square Holdings, Ltd. on Euronext Amsterdam.  The listing will dramatically expand our shareholder base improving the stability of our capital and our ability to implement our long-term, active investment strategy.

Jos Dijsselhof, waarnemend CEO van Euronext Amsterdam zei: “We are very pleased to welcome Pershing Square Holdings, Ltd. to our market today. The choice of Euronext as the listing venue by a leading investor shows the credibility that Euronext enjoys amongst the investment community.

Anne Louise Metz, Head of Listings Euronext Amsterdam, voegt toe:Sophisticated investors look to the stock markets for the permanent capital it can provide. Euronext is an attractive venue for these funds and we expect to see continued interest in permanent capital vehicles from the fund community. We are delighted to support Pershing Square Holdings, Ltd. in realizing its objectives and look forward to a long-standing partnership with the firm.”

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