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Eurovision Song Contest


Douwe Bob sounds the gong before Eurovision Song Contest

On May 10 the Eurovision Song Contest semi-finals will be held in Stockholm. Douwe Bob will represent the Netherlands with the song ‘Slow Down’. Before he leaves for Stockholm he visits the Amsterdam exchange and sounds the gong.

Douwe Bob wrote the song to create an awareness that one occasionally may take things slower in life. "Slowdown is a protest song against myself, against the speed with which I live in Amsterdam." The Netherlands is 6th in line during the semi-finals and thus stands between two women from Croatia and Armenia. Douwe Bob will sing ‘Slow Down’ for all of Europe between the power-ballads of his contestants. 18 participants take part in the first semifinal.

Douwe Bob amassed fame by winning "Best Singer-Songwriter Netherlands' in 2012. After that yielded a successful collaboration with Anouk with their hit" Hold Me "and the album 'Pass It On' the earned the number one position in the Album Top 100. Douwe Bob’s new album, ‘Fool Bar’ will be released on May 6.

For more information: www.douwebob.nl

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