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Entrima new resident Beursplein 5


Entrima sounds gong as new resident at Beursplein 5

Entrima moved its office to Beursplein 5 in Amsterdam, on the former trading floor of Euronext. Its educational services for professionals in the energy markets increasingly cover regulation of the financial markets, including market abuse, surveillance and monitoring. This proofs the ongoing integration of the mentioned markets, as well as the everlasting complexisation of the business, relationships and systems.  

Entrima offers educational services in the field of the energy markets. The content focuses on the energy markets, energy products, pricing of these products and the trading of these products, as well as the regulation of the markets.

The training courses are accredited by the energy sector, because Entrima’s Advisory Board, Programme Commission and Exam Commission consist of executives and managers of market participants, including traders and exchanges. Entrima operates a charter for professionals. Certification, after passing an exam, is one of the criteria for registration. Due to the increasing significance of regulation, amongst which is market abuse, this charter was set up. It can be considered a form of self-regulation by the energy sector.

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