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UAN 30 Fertiliser futures

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UAN 30 Fertiliser Futures: Contract Specifications

Key characteristics

UAN 30 solution is a combination of urea and ammonium nitrate, a common element of the family of nitrogen-based fertilisers used throughout the agricultural industry.

Futures on UAN 30 Fertiliser solution

  • Manage price risk and cover your overall positions more efficiently, for both agricultural inputs and for grains and oilseeds such as wheat, rapeseed and corn
  • The first physically-deliverable futures contract for nitrogen fertiliser solution
  • Designed for the European fertiliser market, and backed by partners across the fertiliser supply chain, from producers and traders, through storage terminal operators to cooperatives
  • Physically delivered future traded in euros
  • Delivery point through Rubis Terminal in Rouen, France, a major trading area for fertiliser imports as well as for crop exports such as wheat
  • Initial expiry calendar reflecting seasonal pattern of sowing, manuring and harvesting: March, June, September, November, over a 2-year horizon
  • Clearing handled by LCH S.A.

More information

Download the Fertiliser Futures factsheet (PDF)

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