List a fund through Euronext Fund Services

Why choose Euronext Fund Services

  • Facilitates access to investors from Europe and worldwide, including retail, institutional and corporate
  • Cost-efficiency through a unique platform
  • Quick time-to-market: admission in three business days
  • Flexibility on any NAV cycles and cut-offs
  • Available to existing and new share classes
  • Fully automated model
  • Transparency - Clear reported order flow

Euronext Amsterdam and Paris

  • Established in Amsterdam in 2007 and Paris in 2017
  • €11.7bn traded in 2018 and €3.6bn new AUM raised in 2018
  • Euronext Fund Service Amsterdam: CCP (LCH SA) and operates in free currency, with Euro and non-Euro currencies available.
  • Euronext Fund Service Paris: operates exclusively in Euro.

How to apply

Legal documentation

A prospectus approved or passported by the regulator of the listing venue

Key Investor Information Document (KIID) (if applicable)

Euronext contracts

Inclusion Agreement: contract to be signed by the Asset Management company

ETP inclusion agreement

Fund Agent Registration Form: contract to be signed by the mandated Fund Agent in charge of the NAV confirmation and centralisation subscription redemption orders on the Euronext platform

Fund agent registration form

Euronext forms

Fund Listing Form: including the fund specifications with attached required legal documentation and contracts

Download Fund listing form

At the receipt of the completed Fund Listing Form with the attached contracts and documentation, Euronext will be able to list the instrument on Euronext in 5 business days.

Fund issuers Paris

Fund issuers Amsterdam

Fund issuers Paris

List of Funds


Euronext Market Services (EMS) Amsterdam

Exchange Traded Products ETFs, Funds, The Netherlands

+31 (0)20 721 9585

Euronext Market Services (EMS) Brussels

Exchange Traded Products ETFs, Funds, Belgium

+32 (0)2 620 0585

Euronext Market Services (EMS) Lisbon

Exchange Traded Products ETFs, Funds, Portugal

+351 (0)2 1060 8585

Euronext Market Services (EMS) London

Exchange Traded Products ETFs, Funds, UK

+44 (0)20 7660 8585

Euronext Market Services (EMS) Paris

Exchange Traded Products ETFs, Funds, France

+33 (0)1 8514 8585